Family Coding Game for Apple TV

  • 30 challenging programming puzzles for the living room.
  • Supports Apple TV 4K.
  • Syncs with iPhone/iPad version for playing on the go.



Assembly language is a forgotten art. Yet its elegant simplicity offers a direct view into how computers actually work.

For the non-programmer, Blimp Code is the perfect place to start. The beginner challenges require mind-bending Sudoku-like thinking, and only get harder from there.

For those who have experience with technologies like HTML or JavaScript, Blimp Code will give you a new perspective on why certain code runs fast or slow, giving you a new respect for the value of choosing the right data structures and optimizing your logic.

For experienced coders, you may need to brush off the dust to solve some of the later, more advanced challenges.

Prove your skills through a series of low-level programming challenges, featuring branching, memory operations, input and output, interrupts, recursion, and more.

Puzzles range from very simple to very challenging coding puzzles. Some require finding a bug fix, some require optimization. Some require writing algorithms from scratch.

The number of cpu cycles you use for each challenge will be tracked and if you solve all the puzzles, can be used to challenge your friends/coworkers to beat your number.