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Solve puzzles by writing code.

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When I was a kid back in the early 80s, I began my journey into the art of programming after playing the wonderfully clever Rocky's Boots.

An intense interest in Apple Logo came next. I credit my successful career as a software engineer to being inspired by coding games.

While there are countless amazing programming-based games that have come along since, they tend to favour visual / high-level programming styles.

In my career I've had many opportunities to delve into low-level assembly language programming. I believe experience in low-level programming is one thing missing from today's web-oriented programming landscape. An understanding of the fundamentals at their lowest level is the best place to start or hone your programming journey.

Description & Features


Blimp Code requires learning and mastering a unique assembly-style programming language.

Each puzzle specifies rules on how a sequence of numbered "air-balls" must be processed for a specific purpose. Solutions are usually only a handful of instructions long, but need to be both correct and optimal to achieve full marks. Early puzzles may only require a simple bug fix while later puzzles must be written from scratch.

A complete set of interactive tutorials will guide even the most inexperienced programmer into at least having a fighting chance to progress through the game.

  • Step through code one instruction at a time to debug tricky puzzles.
  • Assembly-like programming language loosely based on industry standard architectures.
  • Original soundtrack
  • Fully integrated and immersive tutorial system.
  • Runs on iPad and iPhone.


In 2025 we were forced into cryogenic hibernation. The sky turned red, our air unbreathable. Our only hope was a fleet of bio-blimps, engineered to thrive in our toxic skies. Half machine, half alive, they breathed and purified our toxic air.


They reproduced and flourished in our skies for many years. Our plan almost worked. A solar flare wreaked havoc on the bio-blimps.

In an emergency, bio-blimp repair specialists will be revived, one by one. That’s why you’re awake. You may have lost your memory during the freeze, but don’t worry, basic training is about to begin...

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